Community Groups

  • Multiple Locations


At Refuge we have many groups that meet throughout the week to discuss the scriptures, pray for one another, and live life together. We encourage each person to join one of these groups so that you can better connect with our community.


As you can see below there are five different groups to chose from. Each group has their own feel and meets in a different person's home. These groups are designed to help us be a part of each other's lives. We don't want to see each other on Sunday and that be it. We want to know each other, encourage one another, hold each other accountable, and be the hands and feet of Christ. We truly believe that Community Groups will help us accomplish these things. 


  • Tuesday: Pedersen's Home
  • Wednesday: Depola's Home & Brodersen's Home
  • Thursday: Bretzke's Home & Masi's Home

For specific details (including addresses, times, & contact info), sign up for a community group here

November 28
Women's Fellowship
November 30
Community Groups