The Bible is clear that the gospel and the community it shapes is not simply demonstrated by Sunday mornings. The gospel has the power to push outwards and transform all aspects of life. Whether it is work, play, or family life we have ministries and teams that will allow you to serve, connect, and grow. 

There are three requirements volunteers must meet: salvation, active involvement, and pursuing holiness.

  • Volunteers must be born again, meaning they already have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and are actively following Him.
  • Volunteers must be an active member of Refuge, which encompasses regularly attending Sunday service and involved in either a community group or Men’s or Women’s Fellowship. Volunteers must allow their Refuge family to minister to them and they can, in turn, pour their time and energy into serving. 
  • Volunteers must be actively pursuing holiness. If there is ongoing sin and immaturity, they are not fit to be an example to the community at Refuge.




Volunteers in Refuge Kids minister to our Baby-5th graders during our Sunday morning services and occasional activities throughout the month. They serve by checking kids in, teaching in the classroom, assisting a classroom leader, or working in the nursery.



Volunteers on our Facilities team serve behind the scenes. They take care of the church building by ensuring it is looking and working great. They clean the church building, prep for services and events, maintain supplies, coordinate repairs, and organize new construction.



Volunteers on our Hospitality team care for those in our church and community that are in need. They take care of food preparation of all kinds, organization of shelter events, engage with the homeless, and general care for those in the church and out.

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Nomadic Shelter

Volunteers on our Nomadic Shelter team serve by caring of the homeless community during the colder months of the year in Sonoma Country. They take care of general facilities preparation and clean up, meal prep, and engage in on-one-one conversations with overnight guests



Volunteers on our Connections team are some of the first people our visitors will meet at our weekend services and events. They greet people at the door, help people find seats, prepare coffee and communion, aid in offering, and work at the Information Station.



Volunteers on our Finance and Admin team keep our financial books in order and help make the vision of Refuge a reality. They take care of the weekly giving and deposit, organize and process weekly expenses, and help set goals and budgets for each year.



Volunteers on our Media team serve behind the screen. They ensure that the messaging and look of Refuge is clear and helpful. They organize the church website and calendar, create graphics, videos, and photos for sermon series and events, and engage with congregants on social media.



Volunteers on our Worship and Sound team serve by running all audio and worship-related aspects of Refuge. They take care of stage setup, our podcast recording, slide preparation, and lead worship during our services and special events.